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With Provide Internationals Water Treatment System’s Design, Engineering & Manufacturing facilities located in Anhui – China, & other valuable resources throughout mainland China, Provide International takes maximum advantage of the highly efficient, continually expanding communications, & transportation networks to manage manufacturing & quality assurance processes, procure, & ultimately provide client specific WWT systems, equipment & associated products throughout the world.

Provide International’s proven Design, Manufacturing, & Production facilities consistently deliver Water Treatment systems & equipment conforming to the importing countries environmental & regulatory standards, codes of construction, and the highest product specific quality standards as demanded by you, the Provide International client.

Provide International’s combined 75 years of professional industry experience; the wealth of technical, operational & practical knowledge along with fluency in both English & Mandarin is well qualified, & ready to help you improve your company’s Water Quality, & bottom line.

Design Standard:

  1. Data provided by client
  2. Ground water; environment quality standard GB3838-2002
  3. Sewage water quality; standard CJ/T 48-1999
  4. Noise; City / Regulatory environmental standards
  5. Tank System Manufacturer; ISO 9001- 2008 Standard
  6. Electrical – meets AS/NZS 3000 – 2008
  7. Frame Manufacturer; ISO 9001: 2008 Standard and meets AS 1657 – 1992

Provide Internationals EcoWashBay system incorporates our proven recycling system, ensuring you trouble free reuse of water saving money whilst looking after the environment.

What our clients say

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Jack Heurling

Western Mining