Welcome to ProVide Australia.

Welcome to Provide Australia

At the heart of our operations lies our specialisation in tyre and wheel management systems. These innovative systems are meticulously designed to significantly extend tyre lifespan, minimise production downtime, and increase wheel safety. With an unparalleled array of wheel management services and products, many of which are exclusively patented by us, we stand as the premier destination in Australia. Our offerings are tailor-made for Australia’s unique remoteness and rigorous testing conditions.

As authorised distributors for renowned brands like Michelin, Goodyear, and Yokohama, as well as Accredited Rema OTR tyre repairers and Marathon RL Systems we hold a comprehensive portfolio. Our ProV wheel rims, coupled with the world-leading TCA tyre chain systems and the latest addition of JET Easy Grippers – Tyre Handlers, make us your ultimate “one-stop shop” for wheel management.

Beyond wheel management, Provide Australia caters extensively to diverse facets of the mining industry. Our distinctive patented modular remote site workshops and accommodation units, drive-through truck wash systems spanning over 30 meters, commercial and mining wash bays, specialised mining hoses, and vehicles, along with an extensive network for procurement, encapsulate our commitment to comprehensive service.

With a robust supply and service center in Perth, an additional hub in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia, product distribution along the East Coast of Australia, and proficient mobile service teams, we’re poised to offer expert assistance wherever you operate.

At Provide Australia, our purpose is clear: we exist to support your endeavors.

Easy Gripper Tyre Handler

New Product Release.

Introducing the Easy Gripper 2800-3.2 Tonne OTR Tyre Handler.

Experience the unique 3-point grip technology.

Achieve precision stud align fitments with wheel rotation of up to +/- 25%.

Benefit from a 90-degree tilt function for enhanced maneuverability.

Seamlessly handle rim components with ease for strip & fit.

Enhance visibility with two integrated camera systems.

Adaptable to various needs.

Change grip arms to accommodate clearance concerns for underground equipment.

Change grip arms for safe removal of tyre chain wheels.

Versatile and efficient.

The quick shift module allows seamless transition for IT machines & Forklifts, eliminating the need for a dedicated tyre handler.

Easily switch the easy gripper to utilise your man cage or other implements.

The EG2800 effortlessly manages OTR wheels ranging from 1,150mm to 2,800mm (2700R49).

Explore our EG models.

From the compact EG1700, designed for 600kg wheels, to the robust EG3700, capable of handling up to 8 tonnes.

Ready to learn more or see the EG2800 in action? Reach out to our Perth team for further information.

CAT 994 Tyre Protection Chains

Media Release

News & Innovation

BHP Go Green

Fitting further Marathon RL inserts to their underground fleet covering Sandvick DD421 drills & Normet 605D machines, the no flat system – no stored energy – change safe wheel. Run every tyre to 100 percent of tread life – remove RL and refit to next new tyre – email sales@provideaustralia.com for further information.

ProVide has earned its leadership position through dedicated effort. Our business model is ingrained in real-world experience, with nearly four decades of involvement in mining operations. We understand the challenges faced by miners and contractors, and we’ve developed innovative solutions to address them. Our commitment to exceptional service sets us apart, and our passionate team embodies our values. We’re excited to contribute to your operations. Best regards

The ProVide Team