Learning the Hard Way

The team at Provide Australia learnt the importance of efficient wheel management the hard way, being involved in the mining industry for many years in all facets including mine site earth moving contractors. We quickly recognised the toll that replacing tyres battered by Australia’s hard rock mine conditions was having on our bottom line, and addressed the problem as a matter of priority.

In the 90’s we began experimenting with tyre chains, using products imported from Europe. We got many more hours out of our tyres, which not only saved us dollars and reduced down time, but also enabled us to keep operating through the world-wide tyre shortage in 2004.

In 2006 and looking for a new venture we set up Tyre Chains Australia and working with a selected factory we went about designing and building our own chains,  the objective to produce a  range of chains that performed better and, importantly, were easier to fit and maintain.

Over the years we have made many changes to the design of our products and our wheel management services, and we now have a unique and patented product range that is recognised as a world leader.

We’ve achieved this leadership position by doing the hard yards. There’s nothing theoretical about our business model – we’ve been involved in mining operations for nearly 40 years, faced the problems miners and contractors face daily, and have come up with some world-beating solutions.

These solutions can help you to substantially increase tyre life and reduce downtime.

Why "Provide Australia"?

Over the years we’ve progressively expanded our service range. We have field crews with cert two qualifications for OTR tyre wheel management and fitting chains on-site, but most of our customers prefer our total wheel management service. At our service centres in Welshpool and Kalgoorlie, rim repair, replacement and certification, tyre repairs and replacement and chain fitting are carried out by qualified staff under factory-controlled quality and safety conditions. Finished wheels are returned to site for a straight-forward wheel change requiring no special trade skills and minimising down time.

We trade as Provide Australia to demonstrate that we do more than supply tyre chains. We are Australia’s most comprehensive “one stop shop” in the wheel management business. In addition to our range of wheel management services, backed by a fleet of service vehicles and OTR tyre handlers, we are distributors of Michelin, Goodyear tyres and Marathon RL systems, together with a wide range of tyre fitting equipment. And we’re diversifying outside of our core business area. For example, we recently introduced a unique range of patented modular remote site wash bays systems.

That’s our role. To provide the mining industry with a steady flow of cost-effective solutions to the problems that eat into profits.

                                    TCA Chains Better

In the past, many miners- contractors ruled out using chains because of the difficulties involved in fitting and maintenance. Some still do, but the good news is that Provide Australia has radically simplified the process.

We deliver an assembled wheel system – rim, tyre and chain or CTR wheel – direct to site, where all that’s involved is a simple wheel change. The damaged wheel is then returned to us for the necessary repairs or maintenance under factory controlled conditions.

                                   Tyre chains – the bottom line

Provide Australia chained wheels are consistently delivering an operating life up to three times that of unprotected tyres. And we’re not just talking about brand new tyres here. We are getting this sort of working life from tyres that we receive in a worn and damaged condition, we chained badly damaged and virtually worn-out tyres on a wheeled dozer at an iron ore mine and achieved a “bonus” 7,000 hours’ life from tyres that would normally have ended up on the waste pile.

The bottom line is that chained and factory certified wheels from Provide Australia will keep doing the job for up to three times longer than unprotected tyres & significantly reduce your carbon foot print by reducing your waste tyre stockpile.


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