At Provide Australia we think on our feet. We’re always looking for ways to do things better, and many of our products are unique to us, fully patented and widely recognised as world’s best practice.

Here are a few examples of creative thinking on our part that have saved the mining industry serious dollars.

Grommet fitting

Times past the most common way to fit a tyre chain was to lay it on the workshop floor, drive the vehicle over it, hoist the chain to the top of the wheel then reverse over the chain and secure it with quick fix rings. It not an easy job, with scope for error, and normally involved around six hours of down-time for the client’s machine.

The grommet system that we have developed involved substantial redesign of the chain, which is now fitted by simply lying the wheel on its side, lowering the complete chain over the wheel and securing it – so much faster, safer and more accurate.

Tyre buffing

We pioneered the concept of buffing tyres for chain fitting on underground LHD equipment. Fitting chains to a brand-new tyre can require machinery modifications to accommodate the wheel’s increased diameter. Shaving valuable rubber off a brand-new tyre might sound a bit extreme, but it won’t affect tyre life. Thanks to the chains, our chained wheels are consistently good for up to three times the life of an unprotected tyre.

Rim design

At Provide Australia we spend a lot of time changing tyres, so we’ve looked at the design of our ProV rims through the eyes of a fitter. Show your tyre fitter a conventional rim and a Provide Australia product and ask him which one he’d prefer to work with.

Modular wash bays & Drive through truck wash systems

We recognise that mine operators- contractors spend a lot of time washing vehicles and equipment, and use a lot of water in the process. We also know, from our own experience, that building a concrete wash bay is expensive. That cost takes on an extra dimension if you’re talking about a remote site with a limited mine life.

That’s why we developed our modular wash systems. They are delivered to site ready for fast erection with no expensive site works or plumbing. And the beauty of the modular bay is that it’s easy to dismantle and move to a new location.

We are currently adapting this patented system for use in a complete range of buildings ideal for remote start-up sites. Watch this space!