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Tyre Chains Australia is revolutionising the tyre protection chain industry with the first tyre protection chain developed in Australia for Australian conditions and unrivalled field support.

Our service centres provide "Total Wheel Management" solutions to mining companies throughout Australia and most of our clients receive their chained wheels already assembled, improving workshop safety, minimising machine downtime and allowing workshop personnel to concentrate on machine maintenance.

Fully equipped service trucks and OTR tyre handlers are available for site work - our Perth and Goldfields Service Centres are covering 40 mine sites in Western Australia alone.


There are a range of benefits for Tyre Chains Australia clients that lead to increased productivity, reduced operating costs, and improved cash flow in surface and underground applications:

  • Reduced machine downtime, repair costs and production losses associated with tyre punctures and failures caused by rock damage to sidewalls and tread areas. 

  • Dramatically increased traction leads to faster cycle times and ensures maximum payload per cycle.

  • Increased tyre life - TCA clients have reported a huge reduction in tyre purchases using TCA tyre protection.

  • Holding complete TCA spare chained wheel assemblies on site lessens machine downtime in the event of damage to the chain, tyre, or rim, simply change out the damaged wheel assembly and then contact us for on-site or off-site repairs.

  • Break up rock spillage and compact working areas, increasing the tyre service life of any other vehicles using the same areas without the additional costs associated with road base sheeting.

  • Improved personnel safety by significantly lowering tyre change frequency and the potential for injury during this task and by containing debris within the tyre chains in severe carcass failure incidents.  TCA’s total wheel management service also allows wheel maintenance to be completed in the safety of our fully equipped workshops.


Tyre Chains Australia carries a large inventory of surface and underground earthmover rims, tyres and chains as well as parts for both TCA and non-TCA brand tyre chains in our warehouses ready for immediate dispatch.

Tyre Chains Australia provides excellent product backup from our fully equipped service centres or, for onsite support, from our service trucks and OTR tyre handlers.

Our clients are provided with comprehensive maintenance manuals and on site fitting and schooling of workshop personnel to maximise the service life of chains.  In addition our personnel can provide regular product servicing and monitoring visits to ensure optimum chain performance.

TCA reporting systems allow clients to receive performance data for their TPC, including information critical to preparing budget forecasts.


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